The company DAS Beste aus Polen GmbH, is a distribution company  engaged in direct cooperation with both the largest retail chains in Germany as well as smaller and medium-sized German retail outlets. Company's registered office and its administrative and trade parts are located in Bochum, while warehouse is located in Dortmund.

The main objective of the Company is to supply German retail outlets with Polish food products and alcoholic beverages,  ensure logistics, conduct market research and ensure client satisfaction. An important element of the Company's activity is product control in terms of regulations and standards prevailing
in the German market.

Distribution conducted by the Company DAS Beste aus Polen GmbH
may be divided into two channels:

• wholesale channel, distribution in the form of direct supplies to points of sale with the participation of the Company’s sales representatives. This channel allows to maintain normal turnover of goods and thus execute sales plans.
• development channel making use of marketing instruments, makes it possible to reach new customers and expand distribution by including new retail outlets.

DAS Beste aus Polen GmbH conducts marketing campaigns in cooperation
with German retail chains and manufacturers of Polish food products.

Marketing campaigns are aimed at popularizing Polish food products
and alcoholic beverages, and creating competition for other products
on the German market.

The Company's objective is to provide the highest quality food products and alcoholic beverages from Poland in German outlets
and their appreciation by  German consumers.

One of the successes of the Company's is the recognition of "DAS Beste aus Polen" brand” in the German food market.
The “brand” is seen as a symbol of healthy food, taste of homemade products and high quality products.